Road Safety
We use various measures to support, monitor and validate the safety of our road transportation, including comprehensive checks on drivers, vehicles and safety processes. It includes:
  • Ensuring the safe running of all vehicles through thorough, systematic maintenance checks.
  • Multiple drivers in long haul trucks to ensure our drivers are getting proper rest at the same time the shipments are not on hold while they do so.
  • Monitoring on-the-road performance of drivers through both dynamic and static on-the-spot inspections.
  • Conducting regular checks on drivers for alcohol consumption and adherence to speed restrictions.
  • Monitoring route information through physical assessment and analysis of GPS data
Work Place Safety

Warehousing activities form an integral component of our logistics value chain, hence it is vital to ensure the safety condition of the warehouses for our workers. We ensure good housekeeping and well-maintained racking condition to prevent incidents of slip, trips and falls and loads falling off racks. We maintain the safety of employees through stable and safe operation, while working to prevent workplace injuries.

Operational Safety

At Cargobox, we have an on-going and autonomous program to ensure operational safety including safety assessment and hazard identification.  We give the utmost consideration to quality assurance, operational safety, workplace safety and hygiene, and health maintenance. We perform our own “completion inspections” and “safety inspections” as part of the on-going effort to maintain stable and safe operation.